Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Win One of 1,000 Tynker Premium Courses!

I have been seeing a lot of tweets, Facebook posts and buzz about something wonderful happening over at Tynker.

They are giving away 1,000 free classroom licenses to teach coding!
Tynker, along with Infosys Foundation USA, are proud to announce they have partnered to bring Tynker Premium programming course to 1,000 classrooms in high need schools across the country.

Their mission is to make high quality computer science education easily and widely available by creating opportunities for high participation within communities.
For those 1,000 who win, they will receive the Tynker Classroom plan which includes one premium course for up to 30 students.  This includes everything you need!
It is easy to apply by visiting this link....This link is towards the bottom of the page.

Teaching our young people to code is such an important and essential skill.  It is one that can make such a difference in their lives.  And one that will make learning and teaching engaging, innovative and creative.

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