Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Teaching Our Little Ones To Love & Respect Animals With "The Barnyard Song".....Just Like Brianna Did!

My daughter Brianna has loved horses her entire life.

She wasn't even one when would imitate the sound a horse makes and want us to gallop around the house with her.

When she was 11 years old, her dream came true and we brought home Roman, one of the horses that she learned to ride on.  She would brush him, braid his tail and mane, ride him out in the pasture and country, and talk to him for hours and hours on end.

Today when Brianna and I were working on a couple projects together, we brought up Roman and her love for horses because it is ASPCA's Help a Horse Day.  

We talked about the importance of teaching children about animals and how to care for them and treat them with love and kindness.

There is the perfect book from Cantata Learning that could be used when teaching young children about the different animals we find on a farm and the sounds they make.
It is called The Barnyard Song and is one that may sound familiar to you as it is a classic American folk song.
In the Cantata book, Steven Anderson retold The Barnyard Song along with sweet illustrations by Dan Taylor and music by Steven C Music.

We love this song as they go through the barnyard finding all of the animals they have the sharing the fun sounds they make.
You can listen to Cantata Learning's The Barnyard Song here.  

This is the perfect way to teach babies and young children animals sounds and features, while helping them develop a love and respect for animals.

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