Thursday, April 28, 2016

Emily Arrow Brought Kelly Light's Little Louise To Life Today With Her New Song & Video...Louise Loves Art!

Do you know who Louise is?

The cute little girl that Kelly Light brings to life in her beautiful picture books.

I have shared her with so many children, librarians, teachers and others.

She is one of my favorites.
I adore how much she loves art and how she takes her imagination on the outside as she draws and creates.

Louise is a character that I can definitely relate too.

I love art and creativity too.
It is so fun reading and sharing Louise Loves Art and cannot wait for Louise and Andie..the Art of Friendship, which comes out in June.  

They will soon share a special spot on the shelf together in our library.
I also love following Louise as she travels around the world to libraries, schools and other places with Kelly on the whereslouisenow Instagram.
And today, Louise showed up in a very special new place.

Today was her video debut with my dear friend Emily Arrow for the new song Louise Loves Art!  

I think I listened to it at least a dozen times....smiling and singing each time.

After school I played for Hagan a couple more times as he sang along too.
When I spoke to Emily this morning about the song, she told me a couple fun things about writing this song.

She said, I wrote the song the night before Kelly visited Vroman's, one of my local indies.  

And the funny thing....I made up the bridge ('so do I! I! I!' part) as I went along during my first performance of the song!  

You just have to share the Louise Loves Art Song with your students, teachers, parents....everyone you know.  It will bring a smile to everyone who watches and listens to this song.  

Just as Louise does in Kelly's books too.   
It made me smile to read Emily's post on Kelly's Facebook today.  

I am thankful they shared their story and this sweet gift for all of our children who will fall in love with this song.  
On Kelly's website, you can find the Louise Loves Art Teacher's Guides to use with the books and now the song too!  

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