Friday, January 22, 2016

Our 2nd Grade Friends Get A Sneak Peak At Cantata Learning's New "Happy Birthday" Book With English, Spanish and Sign Language

Yesterday my 2nd grade friends in Tracy Ferguson and Staci Braun's classes at Van Meter got a wonderful treat.  
As they celebrated two birthdays of classmates in their classrooms, Kat Coughlan and I shared a very special new Cantata Learning book called Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumplaeanos...A Traditional Song in English, Spanish and American Sign Language!  

They were the first students to see read and sing this book as it doesn't even hit the shelves until February 15.  
Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumplaeanos is extra special as it is also part of Capstone's 25th Anniversary celebration this year.  
As Kat taught Tracy, Staci and all of the 2nd graders how to sign Happy Birthday....
they sang and looked at the beautiful illustrations too.
She then taught them how to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish.  We showed them the illustrations and words as they sang along.
They did an amazing job and will be able to teach this to their family and friends.
And one of the best things about all Cantata Learning books....The music is available on a CD inside of the book but is also available to be listened to and downloaded off of the Cantata website.
This will let them sing and sign Happy Birthday anywhere.
As we kick off our second Cantata Learning collaborative project, we want to invite all of you to celebrate with us as we share our Celebrations Around the World with Cantata Learning, Capstone and this beautiful new book!  

We will share all of the details and resources very soon.  We can't wait to celebrate with all of you.  

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