Friday, January 29, 2016

Join The Mackin TYSL Movement.....Together We Are Going To Transform School Libraries!

I am very excited about this new movement that is going to change school libraries, communities, education and the lives of so many.  It is called TYSL.
And this week as we kicked off TYSL or Transform Your School Library, with our friends at Mackin Educational Resources, I can feel the excitement moving as we gain momentum and knowledge of how we are going to make a difference together.
For our first meeting, we brought together the amazing TYSL Advocates which are teacher librarians, educators, administrators and leaders around the country.

You can read all about the TYSL Advocates here.
It was wonderful to hear these voices, along with the key leaders from Mackin including Randal and Kitty Heise.  We were all inspired as we listen to Randal talk about their passion for supporting libraries and education today and in the future.

This transformation is just beginning and it can't happen with just the people that make up the Advocate board or those at Mackin.  It has to happen with all of us.
Please visit TYSL and join us in making a difference.

We will be adding more information to the site soon and you will begin to hear our voice throughout the country at conferences, in articles and within other forums.
We want everyone to be part of the TYSL Movement.  The voices, work and collaboration that we bring together is what will lead to the change that will transform our school libraries.

Join the movement today.
We want to hear your stories of transformation and inspiration from the school library, so please follow TYSL on Twitter at @MackinTYSL and by using the hashtag #mackintysl

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