Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Look What "Discovery Kids Explore" Adds To My "Fun With Science" MackinVIA Group!

I have always been a big fan of Discovery Kids.
This week when I was creating the new Let's Have Fun With Science Group within my MackinVIA, I came across several wonderful websites to include along with eBooks and databases.

You can now add Online Resources to any MackinVIA Group which has made it such a powerful place to send our students and school community to for research, reading, learning, creating, and collaborating over any topic.
Within the MackinVIA Administrator page, you can add Resources including links, descriptions and an image of the site.  After you have added the Resource and made it Active, you can then add it to any Group.  

I added science websites such as Bill Nye the Science GuyTime for Kids, and BrainPop Science Videos.  These were from this great list.

Then I came across across something really exciting on the Discovery Kids site.  I have not been to this particular page before and just have to tell you all about it.
At the top of their website, you can find Videos, Games and Explore.  

I clicked on Explore....
and was thrilled to find such a wonderful place for our young learners to learn and explore through so many rich and engaging science topics.
I decided to click on Space to see where it would take me.

WOW....I love everything that they have included under Space...and each topic on the Explore page.
There is something for everyone and so many resources that can be used to teach and extend the learning with your students.  I love this site for enriching and reteaching topics too.

And what fun to use this science site at home and the public library as well.
Towards the bottom of the page there are a few more things to Discover....Apps, Books and Activities.  
I especially love the Activities because it brings lots of creative ideas and fun to our learners.

As you can see there are a lot of Science resources available to use and tie into the curriculum.  I love how I can find so many when building my new Science Group with MackinVIA and for sharing with young people, teachers, parents, and others.

This is one you will want to share with your school....I just know they will love it too.

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