Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Hope You Join My New Remind Class "Shannon's Library & Tech Voice"...It Will Be An Easy Way To Learn & Stay Connected!

One digital tool that every teacher and school should we using is Remind!

Not only is it a way to keep your students, parents, and fellow colleagues up to date....It is also a way to stay connected and learn yourself.

Today after a conversation with the wonderful Clara from Remind, I decided to find a way to use Remind to stay connected and continue to share with all of you and the amazing people I am meeting around the world through my speaking, consulting and writing opportunities.
If you have never seen Remind before, let me tell you a little about it as I show you how I set up my Remind Class.  

Remind is free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps teachers and others instantly with students and parents.  
To use Remind, you will need to set up a Class with a Class Name and Class Code.  

I called mine Shannon's Library and Tech Voice.   After you add those details, just click on Add at the bottom of the box.  

Remind automatically generates your Class and gives you....
this little flyer that you can share with your students and others.  You can find these by clicking on Download Instructions on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you would like to join Shannon's Library and Tech Voice Remind Class, all you need to do is text @shansvoice and send it to 306-992-6986 from your phone.

This is just for this new Class within Remind.

You can also text @shansvoice and send it to 81010.

This will go to a collaborative Remind account. So for example, I receive updates from three different friends with Classes from this number.  It is handy to have them come to one place.

It is possible to have the Remind messages sent to an email as well.  At the bottom of the Instructions sheet, you will see how to subscribe to Shannon's Library and Tech Voice by emailing  

 Remind has an awesome app too!

You can download it here for your iPhone or iPad.
By using the app, you can send wonderful messages that include text, images and voice.
One is able to set Office Hours to manage communication, use icons to indicate how subscribers are receiving teacher's messages, and much more. 
By using the app, it is easy to get instant feedback on your messages through Stamps too. 

I really love these features and the personalized connection the app brings to your Remind Class. 
As you can see, Remind is easy to set up and simple to use for announcements through text message, email or through the app.  
There is a Chat feature with Remind that lets you have a safe, two-way conversation with individual students or parents.
Everyone at Remind have done a fantastic job to bring us a digital tool that can be used in a variety of engaging and exciting ways.  They have created a communication tool that is simple and safe.  And they have brought us a way to make communication open and fun.  
When I was the teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School, I had several Remind Classes set up. 

I used it as a way to communicate with my National Honor Society members when I was their advisor.  When we were planning our Every 15 Minutes program it was the best way to keep everyone up to date and on the same page. 

I also used it to share news from the books that came in, author Skype's we were hosting, digital tools that were hot, events like Digital Learning Day, and Makerspace Lunch announcements.  It was one of the best ways to stay connected to my students.  They wouldn't always check their email but almost every one of them would check the messages on their phone.  

Teachers, students, parents and others are using Remind for a variety of ways.  I am excited to use my new class, Shannon's Library and Tech Voice, to continue to connect and share with all of you.
Everyone can sign up for Remind free....teachers, parents, and students all sign up here.  
Once you have your Remind account, here are the instructions above to sign up for my new Remind Class. 

I am really looking forward to connecting with all of you and sharing more ideas, resources, and learning opportunities.  

I will be using Remind at conferences and events I am at as well.  With these, I will set up individual Remind Classes for each one so we can share throughout the day and after the event too.

This is going to be fun!  And what a way to create a community full of friends, learners, and teachers. I look forward to connecting with all of you.  

Don't forget.....You just need to text @shansvoice to 306-992-6986 or 8101 to join Shannon's Library and Tech Voice Remind Class.  

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