Thursday, December 4, 2014

"I Made My Snowman Dance" With Chromville & A Little Augmented Reality!

A few weeks ago I spent some time online with my friend Joyce Valenza and her students at Rutgers University.  We talked about augmented reality and how it can encourage collaboration, creativity and spark engagement and tinkering with our young people in the library and classroom.  
During our visit, we also connected with our amazing friends at Chromville.  
Chromville a company who is creating beautiful augmented reality stories and fun through their coloring sheets full of...
charming characters and...
Once the coloring sheets are complete, the Chromville app is used to scan and make the stories come to life. The app is available through the App Store of Google Play. 
They showed us some new things they were working on and today they officially launched... 
their Classroom Pages which includes AR pages for Playing for learning.  
They have included the body....
and plants for the first coloring sheets in this category. I just couldn't even wait to try them out!  
 I colored the Body 1 coloring sheet.   
I then used the Chromville app to scan the coloring page. I could choose from three body layers: Skin, Muscles, and Bones.   
 I could move my iPad around the coloring page to see all around the body.
It was really cool to see all of the muscles... 
and bones.  Wouldn't this be awesome for our students as they studied the body?  Can you see how this would engage and excite them in their learning? 
The one I am most excited about on their site is the Customize category.  
Within this category students can customize a football player or even create their very own character. 
I printed off the coloring sheet. 
Then I customized my character into a little snowman with crayons.  
It was so much fun seeing my very own augmented reality snowman character come to life with the Chromville app!  I love how he waved and danced around the paper.  

You can watch a video of the steps I took below in this Instagram video too.

Have fun and don't forget to share your creations with all of us!

Thank you to my friends at Chromville for creating such a fun place for us to create and visit.  

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