Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ThingLink....An Amazing Web 2.0 Tool To Retell A Period Of Time

ThingLink is one of the most exciting Web 2.0 tools that are available for our students to create with.  By being able to embed video, images, voice, websites, and much more into images that they select, they are able to create something very unique and special to publish and share with others globally.  

Last week ThingLink and Rosen Digital announced a wonderful contest they have put together for K-12 students to participate in through May 1, 2013.  

The ThingLink Interactive Image Contest website holds everything you need to participate in this contest.   

Over the weekend I brainstormed ideas on how to integrate ThingLink into the curriculum within the classroom, library, technology, and related arts.  The ideas are endless really on how ThingLink can be used.  We used it already to celebrate World Read Aloud Day and even to retell a fictional story.

Yesterday I had 5th grade, so I emailed their teacher Janelle Thompson to see what her students were focusing on this week and next before spring break.  She had the perfect idea!  (I love the way we collaborate like this....A lot of times, the best ideas are within hours of getting together for class). 

The 5th graders have been learning about the American Revolution through books and other resources. They have Edmodo Groups for these different books and important topics within this period of time.  After break, the students are going to create a collaborative, online newspaper from articles and other artifacts focusing on the American Revolution, all of which they create.  

Janelle and the other two 5th grade teachers, Kate Goodwin and Aubrey Safford, have been looking for a culminating activity to bring everything they have learned together.  ThingLink would be perfect! 

Janelle and I typed up the project including the requirements, links, and tips for ThingLink within a collaborative Google Doc.  We both had details to add. 
I created an Edmodo Group called "American Revolution ThingLinks" so they could grab this link to the Google Doc and put it into their own Google Drive.   Also, when they are done creating their ThingLinks, the students can easily upload their ThingLink into their Edmodo account with their integration.  

The 5th graders were so excited to get started on the ThingLink project.  They searched for great pictures and so many interesting things to embed within their image.  
These are just a few ThingLinks that they have started.  The 5th graders will work on these through the week and next within the library and classroom.  
For information about ThingLink and the contest, please go to ThingLink Interactive Image Contest K-12.

We can't wait to see what you and your students create too.

Just remember....Within every new, amazing Web 2.0 tool there is also a really special project or lesson just for you and your students.

Be creative, open your mind, let students be heard....I promise great things will happen.

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