Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hagan Blogs About Our Alaskan Spring Break and the Alaska State Library Conference

For Spring Break this year, we are in Alaska for 8 days.  I have never been anywhere so beautiful and peaceful.
I have been invited to speak at the Alaska Library Association Conference later this week as the keynote speaker.  I am so honored and excited to meet all of the wonderful librarians from Alaska.  I have met many through Twitter and Facebook already, and even a couple of them in person.  It will be so nice to finally meet them all in person.
Since this was our spring break at Van Meter, my 7-year-old Hagan and husband Robbie came with me and we have been traveling through Alaska.  We went to Anchorage for the first three days.
We drove through the incredible mountains by Cook Inlet to Girdwood and stayed at the Alyeska Resort.  These pictures were taken from the tram and the top of the mountains.
We drove to Portage, through the longest tunnel in North America, to Whittier, which had more snow than we have ever seen.  It looked like the town had been abandoned.
Yesterday we flew to Valdez.  The mountain range that we flew over was just incredible.
We were very surprised to see that the runway was a complete sheet of ice when we landed.  We could barely walk on the runway to the terminal. And we landed in the middle of huge mountains.  Valdez is known for extreme skiing where they are dropped out of helicopters.
We are staying at the Mountain Sky hotel for the rest of the week.
This is the Valdez Convention Center where the conference will be.  I can't wait to go there on Friday.
During the trip, Hagan is writing about our adventures on his blog at Hagan's World Of Awesome.  It is so fun to read what he thinks about Alaska.  He is just loving everything about Alaska.

You can also see our pictures at Alaska Spring Break Trip....March 2013 Flickr Group.
Today we are off to see more of Valdez and drive to a glacier.

And the best part....Today is the day that the librarians from all over Alaska start coming to Valdez for the conference.

We can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us.

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  1. Quite an adventure, Shannon. We're lucky that both you and Hagan are blogging about what you see and experience. (I'm sure Rob is contributing all kinds of insights as well :-) )

    Have fun and stay in touch!