Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hagan and his friend Seymour Simon....And A Great Book Review Of Seymour's New Book From Hagan

My son Hagan loves to read, especially nonfiction.  He reads about all kinds of different things.  

He also loves that his mom is a teacher librarian and knows a few authors and illustrators too.  
Over the last year I have become friends with Seymour Simon and his amazing wife Liz Nealon. 
Hagan has too. A few weeks ago, Seymour and Liz sent Hagan the brand new book Extreme Oceans.  It wasn't even available yet so Hagan was...."the first kid to read my new book" Seymour wrote in the front.    
After Hagan and I took the picture above with him holding Extreme Oceans and told Seymour and Liz how much he loved it, Hagan wrote a review for the Seymour Simon Blog. 
He was sooooo excited when I showed him the tweet from Seymour earlier in the week telling us that his review was posted on his blog.  

And even more excited to read what Seymour wrote about him in the blog post.  Hagan just loved seeing his review.  
You can read Hagan's Book Review of Extreme Oceans on Seymour's blog. 
As Hagan says....

Thank you Seymour....We love it!  Thank you for connecting with Hagan and opening up the amazing world of your beautiful books.  

I love the voice that my son has and the connection that he has made.  I can't wait to see what is next for Hagan.

He will definitely make a difference.

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