Saturday, January 5, 2013

Couldn't Wait To Share "The Hobbit" Infographics Created By Our 5th Graders!

I just love what is happening with The Hobbit Infographic Project...This is one of my favorite projects that we have done during this school year!

We had just started the project after they had finished reading The Hobbit as a class.  A lot of the students and their teacher Janelle Thompson also saw the movie.  

Yesterday was the first day the 5th graders had been to library/technology class since the holiday.  They were all so excited to get back into Piktochart and to their infographics.  I love seeing how much pride and excitement the students have with this project.   They are making choices about the content and design within their infographic. They will be shared within our school but also online with others.  This takes the level of the students work to the highest level as well.  
They will be working on their infographics next week too but I couldn't wait to shared a couple today.  


  1. Does your school use the professional design themes so they can bring in their own graphics (like the Hobbit pictures) or do you use the free version?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I did upgrade to the educator version.....I think it was about $40.00. You are able to add your own graphics/images in the free version too but just not store as many. They also have the option of over 75 designs with the upgraded version. I just love Piktochart! :)

      Happy Weekend, Shannon