Thursday, January 10, 2013

3rd Grade Fans of BiblioNasium Skype With Our Friend Marjan, Creator Of This Amazing Reading Website!

The young people at Van Meter are HUGE fans of BiblioNasium.  Ever since we discovered this amazing new "Virtual Reading Village" we have all been hooked.  

And the third graders at Van Meter might be the biggest fans we have within our school!  

Last week during library, they asked me if I could invite Marjan Ghara, founder of BiblioNasium, to  Skype with us during their time with me today.  

When they came to the library this afternoon I surprised them.....

with a very special Skype visit from Marjan!  
The third graders had a wonderful time listening to Marjan tell all of us the background behind BiblioNasium and how to develop a website such as this.  She spoke about reading and finding the right books to read.  

Then it was their turn to ask questions......and they had a lot of really great ones to ask Marjan.  They also gave her some good advice about the website as well.  It was fun to listen to this rich conversation and for them to make the connection to something they have enjoyed using so much.  

I must say it was also pretty exciting to see the view out of her window.....a little different from ours in Van Meter, Iowa.

On October 31, I wrote about BiblioNasium in the post BiblioNasium....An Awesome NEW 'Virtual Reading Village' The Third Graders LOVE!  

You can also read how we are using BiblioNasium with the eBooks within our MackinVIA at Check Out The Way The Students Are Using BiblioNasium With The eBooks.

We hope you sign up for BiblioNasium too....

If you are a young person, teacher, parent, grandparent.....or even have little friends who love to read, we know you will love using BiblioNasium as much as we do at Van Meter. 

Thank you Marjan....We loved having you visit our library.  :) 

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