Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Collaborative Acrostic Poem Project....."What's Your Name Mean To You" Music and Art Rap

Have you ever thought about what your name means to you?  Our 4th graders sure did this month!  

After focusing on poetry throughout the month of January, each of the students created wonderful acrostic poems to be used in a collaborative project within the classroom, art and music rooms, and library.  

The 4th graders have now taken their acrostic poems into the music room to create raps with Marsha Fries, our music teacher.  I will help them record their raps and we will use them in a class video, along with pictures of name initials they have created in the art room with Shelley Broderick, our art teacher at Van Meter.  
This week they are also sharing their acrostic poems on their KidBlogs.  You can view their posts at Van Meter 4th Graders KidBlogs.

Please feel free to leave comments for them too....They will love the feedback and to know you have read their poems.
 This is Kennedy B.'s blog....I just love what she wrote in her acrostic poem...

"Extraordinary in the library" for the e in her name.  She is definitely that.  :)
The 4th graders had fun learning about and creating acrostic poems on Thinkfinity's readwritethink website, What Is An Acrostic Poem?
You can find a few more poetry websites they also used on the Van Meter 4th Grade Symbaloo.

We look forward to sharing our music and art acrostic rap video in a few weeks.  You will then know the answer to the question....

"What's Your Name Mean To You?"

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