Monday, December 4, 2023

The 12 Days of Making Choice Boards With Capstone Interactive eBooks & Activities For All Students, Teachers & Families Are Here, Friends!

We have a special project to share, friends.  It's called the 12 Days of Making With Capstone Interactive!  It's a little gift for everyone to share with your students, teachers and families during the holiday season.

The 12 Days of Making With Capstone Interactive includes topics around making such as Cardboard, Nature, Low-Tech, Paper Airplanes, Augmented Reality, Paper, Drawing, Coding and more. 
On each Day of Making choice board, you will find two or three Capstone Interactive eBooks, along with several activities students can choose from around that topic.  
For this project, we used Capstone Connect and...
...Capstone Interactive to look for eBooks that fit each making topic. 
Once we found eBooks for that topic, we grabbed the link and added them to the eBook covers in the choice boards.  This allows students to go directly to the Capstone Interactive eBook without having to login. 

Take a look at all of the different Days of Making.....
As you can see, there is something for everyone! 
You can find the 12 Days of Making choice board here to share with students, teachers and families.  

If you need to make a copy to edit, you can use this link that will push a copy to you. 
The 12 Days of Making is also part of Our December Choice Board and...
...Our Holiday Choice Boards Collection on the page.
A big thank you to our friends at Capstone for making these wonderful eBooks available for all of us.  You can learn more about Capstone and all of the amazing books and resources they create here.

Happy Making, Friends! 

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