Sunday, December 17, 2023

4 Special Ways To Welcome Everyone Back For The New Year With StickTogether!

With the New Year right around the corner, I am thinking of special ways to welcome everyone back to our library and school community.  

Today, I would love to share 4 special ways to welcome everyone back for the new year with all of the amazing StickTogether projects and ideas.

1. I created this little sign to pair up with the new StickTogether Sticker Posters that I will hang in our library and in other collaborative spaces around our school.  

Our students haven’t seen the new Cats and Dogs Collection yet so these will be such a fun way to kick off the New Year. You can find this collection here on the StickTogether site.

2. Our students and teachers also LOVE the Virtual Stickerboards. In the newly updated Virtual Stickerboard platform, there are 100's of images to choose from and something for all throughout the year. There are monthly galleries filled with holiday-themed Stickerboards that go along with their StickTogether Virtual Sticker Board Monthly Calendars.

In fact, the January Gallery which launches on January 2, 2024, will be filled with images tie to all kinds of different ways to celebrate as a community throughout the month.

You will find the Virtual Stickerboard site here. You can get a Basic subscription for $30, which includes the January Gallery, or a whole school subscription of 40 seats for $400.

3. As our students and teachers come back to school in January, I am excited to invite them to be part of our 2024 Pixel Art School Wide Mural.

I created the posters above to hang up throughout the middle and high school hallways making it easy for our older students to scan the QR code and create their Pixel Art portrait with their phones. I will send our the link to our elementary students and teachers in Google Classroom so they can complete on their Chromebooks.  

With the new Pixel Art Dashboard, it makes it really quick and easy to print these off or download to put together in a mural collage with Canva or Google Classroom.

4. I have been dreaming up lots of fun new ways to use Puzzle Face in the new year. I am going to feature a Guess Who? Puzzle Face in our secondary library each week.  To start, I am going to pick one of our administrators and see if the students can guess who it is as they put it together in our library. 

I will take a picture of each completed Puzzle Face and feature them in our Van Meter Puzzle Face Gallery outside of the library. 

If you want to use this poster I made, you can find it here to copy for your own.

I hope these ideas give you ideas and inspiration to bring StickTogether to your school in 2024 with these 4 ways and even more too.

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