Friday, June 16, 2023

Starting A Barn Book Nook With Ideas and Inspiration From These Horse Lovers and Authors! Listen To This Special Podcast Here, Friends.


I am so excited about a new addition we will be adding to our library this fall. It is called the Barn Book Nook. 
When my friend Dana Plautz posted this on her Instagram, I couldn't wait to learn all about her Barn Book Nook. 

I reached out to Dana and she told me how she started this special book nook in her horse barn. 
She even has bookmarks, book plates and of course horse books!  The kids who go to the stables love picking up the horse books to read and even create their own books to show Dana.  It has been such a hit! 

I told Dana I wanted to create a Barn Book Nook for our school library at Van Meter and how I would love to meet the authors of her favorite horse books. 

This is where the fun really got started! 
...Horse Girl by Carrie Seim. When I received the books, I started reading both right away and knew they would be such a hit with our readers. 

I also knew they would be perfect guests for the Future Ready Librarian podcast series, Leading from the Library, and Dana's story of the Barn Book Nook would be an inspiration for others to start one too. 
I invited Dana, Sarah and Carrie to join me one day and we had such a fun conversation. 

We discussed how Dana's Barn Book Nook came about and why every library needs a stable of horse books.  I loved hearing the way horse stories inspired these two authors to write their own wonderful books for young readers.  

This summer, I am putting together even more horse books that I will add to our Barn Book Nook and even created...
....Our Virtual Horse Book Nook filled with PebbleGo articles about horses and lots of Capstone Interactive eBooks about horses. If you want to make a copy of this template, you will find it here.

Thank you Dana, Sarah and Carrie for the inspiration and for inspiring our horse loving readers. 

I can't wait to see what our readers think about this new addition to our library. I know we will get even more to love horse books this year too. 

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