Sunday, June 11, 2023

7 NEW Virtual Stickerboard Images To Use At Our ISTE Live 2023 Presentations!


With ISTE Live 2023 coming up, we are working on our presentations and creating learning experiences that are engaging, inspiring and fun. 

One thing I love add to my presentations are Virtual Stickerboards from our friends at StickTogether. I love having one up on the screen as attendees come into my sessions as a way to come together and connect. 

As shared on the Virtual Stickerboard site, 

Working synchronously or asynchronously, now you can engage as few as a handful, and up to hundreds of participants, with a virtual version of StickTogether. Everyone works on their own devices to create an image together. 

And guess what?  StickTogether has created 7 special Virtual Stickerboard images just for ISTE 2023. You can find them in the ISTE 2023 Gallery. There are four with an ISTE 2023 theme...

...and 3 with a Philadelphia theme. 

I can't wait to use all of these Virtual Stickerboard images at ISTE!  

If Virtual Stickerboards are new to you, use the Virtual Stickerboard 101 guide to help. You can find it here. 

I hope I see you at ISTE, friends. 

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