Friday, May 5, 2023

It's Here! Capstone's Virtual Summer Camp Adventure 2023 Is Now Open For The Summer For ALL Students and Families!


I am so excited to announce that Capstone's Virtual Camp Adventure is open for the summer!

All students and families can visit to access this 12-week long fun summer learning and reading adventure with our friends at Capstone.  

This summer we are opening the Capstone Virtual Camp Adventure early, so everyone can show your students, teachers and families around camp before summer break.  
In the Capstone Virtual Summer Camp Adventure, there are six bi-weekly Where Will You Go This Summer? themes that include a choice board and set of 20 FREE Capstone Interactive eBooks for each.
And this summer, we have a new addition to each...Our Virtual Summer Camp Adventure Featured Capstone Characters!  

The six bi-weekly choice boards include...
...Let's GO on a trip, 
Let's GO to the water, 
Let's GO to where our imagination takes us, 
Let's GO to space, 
Let's GO on a safari, 
...and Let's GO solve a mystery! 

They can access the entire choice board collection at now through the end of September. 
If the eBooks don't open and lead you to a T-Rex, clear the History on your device and try again. I added this little tip to all of the slides too. 

The choice board are filled with reading, making, healthy you ideas and resources, coding, stem, technology and more. 
In the bottom left hand corner, they will find a place to click to GO to eBooks around the six different themes. 
All they have to do to read and listen to the Capstone Interactive eBooks is click on the eBook covers.  They are directly linked so a username and password is not required. 

If you want to make any changes or edits, you will can make a copy of the entire 12-weeks of choice boards here.  This post will be helpful in doing this too. 
I am excited about a special addition to our Virtual Summer Camp Adventure choice boards with our friends at StickTogether. 
Under the STEAM column, you will see a StickTogether box. 
Every week, starting May 22, 2023, we will be adding a special Virtual Stickerboard that StickTogether created around each weekly theme

All students will be able to collaborate together to complete these weekly Virtual Stickerboards.  The images they reveal are amazing and our kids will love this wonderful global activity. 
As the students and families use the choice boards and need help, there is a Family Help button on each choice board slide and...
This document includes How To Use The Virtual Camp Adventure With Your Children This Summer and...
...Directions For Using The Virtual Camp Adventure Choice Boards. 
I always create special bookmarks to give our students and families as we get ready for the summer. 
You will find this years bookmark that I created in Google Slides here

I get the bookmarks printed at Vista Print. The image of the bookmark on Slides 1 and 2 fits perfectly into the 2 x 6 template. You will find the link to the Vista Print bookmarks here.

I hope all of the students and families have a special summer visiting Our Virtual Summer Camp Adventure.  I can't wait to see and hear all of the different ways it is used and what is learned, read, and created from this amazing summer experience. 

I will be sharing flyers and a family letter over the next few days too. 

Please let me know if you have any questions...I am happy to help you, friends. 

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