Monday, May 22, 2023

Friends, There Is A NEW StickTogether Sticker Poster Of "The Library Voice" With A Secret Message and Special Note From Me!


I am excited to share a special new StickTogether Sticker Poster very dear to my heart. 

It's The Library Voice, created from the amazing art work my friend and artist, Susan Reagan, created for my blog, stickers, business cards and note cards. 
While brainstorming with Sylvia and Brianna from StickTogether one day, we talked about the idea of bringing The Library Voice to life in a Sticker Poster. Not only did we include the art work, 
I also wrote a personal message that is included at the bottom of the Sticker Poster.  
And to make it even better, there is a secret message included within the Sticker Poster too. 
I love how the Sticker Poster turned out as it includes 20 different colors within the beautiful pixel art image. 

I hope you and your students, teachers and community enjoy The Library Voice too. 

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