Monday, November 29, 2021

Storyvoice...A NEW Place To Watch Live Author Events! And Tomorrow...Join Peter H. Reynolds As He Shares Our Table!


There is a new place to go for LIVE author events that I am so excited to join from our classrooms and from the library.  It's called Storyvoice. 

Tomorrow, on November 30 at 11:00am EST, we will kick it off with the Holiday Read-Aloud Special with Peter H. Reynolds as he shares his new book, Our Table. 

You will find the link for this event here.  When it is time for the event, just open that link to join. 
Throughtout December, there are three more events including Max Amato, 
Kelly Fernandez and...
...Kevin Sherry. 

You will find all of these events and more information about Storyvoice here.
You can watch from a computer or from a phone or tablet. Read about that here too. 

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