Sunday, November 21, 2021

Our High Schoolers Create Family Stories Using PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive eBooks and Buncee! You Can Read Them Here Too.


Our high school family living class just completed a special project while learning about and celebrating all of the different types of families. 

When their teacher, Mary Sents, came to me with the idea of having her students create picture books about families to share with our younger students. I loved the idea and instantly thought it would be the perfect project for using Buncee by Capstone to create their digital stories. 

To get the students started, I put together a choice board filled with family Capstone Interactive eBooks and PebbleGo to research how younger students learn and read about families.  They used the choice board for inspiration and guidance while brainstorming, writing and creating their stories in Buncee. 
As they finished, each student added their Buncee to this Buncee Board, Our Buncee Family Stories.  

You will find it here so you can read their wonderful stories too. 

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