Friday, September 24, 2021

Follow "The ISTE Books Update" Site For New Books, Special Offers, Author Interviews, Sneak Previews and More!

I love to find books that tie into what I do as a teacher librarian and innovation director of library media and technology within my school district, and in working with Future Ready Librarians and educators around the world.  

One of my favorite book publishers of professional titles is ISTE as they have created such a wonderful set of books featuring lots of topics tying into all parts of education, educators, families and most of all, students.  
In fact, I wrote a book with ISTE and my dear friend, Bill Bass, called Leading From The Library that you will find here

To check out the ISTE books, special offers, author interviews, sneak previews and more, you can follow The ISTE Books Update site.  There are lots of books coming up that I can't wait to read! 


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