Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Let's Celebrate Dot Day 2021 By Connecting Here and Making Our Mark On The World!

International Dot Day is always one of my favorite days (weeks) of the year.  It is a special time to celebrate all of us making our unique mark on the world.

As we look forward to Dot Day which is always celebrated on September 15ish, we start thinking about and planning lots of special connections and celebrations with other libraries, classrooms, communities and especially our students around the world.

And even though Dot Day might look a little different this year, just think of all of the exciting and meaningful new ways we can celebrate and connect for this special day and throughout the week.
Every year we put together this collaborative Dot Day Google Doc so we can start sharing our schedules and connecting the dots with others. 
Please join us in celebrating Dot Day by joining in on the fun and connecting your own dots at the Google Doc that you will find here.

You can add your schedule, grade levels, locations and any other information that will be helpful as you make Dot Day plans.
Also, as you think ahead to what your Dot Day might look like with your library and school community, here are a few helpful resources to get you started. 
I brought together all kinds of resources, songs, project ideas, books and other fun in this Dot Day Collection.  You will find it here. 
Look at all of these wonderful books about Dots!  Please add others with dots to the Padlet here too. 
You can also follow the Dot Day Pinterest Board, which we continue to add resources too.  

I can't wait to celebrate Dot Day with all of you in September.  This is such a special way to kick off a new year of creating, connecting and collaborating with our students, families, teachers, communities and with others around the world. 

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