Friday, June 4, 2021

Adding A Little Thank You Reminder To Our Technology With StickerMule!


We love celebrating all of the amazing ways that our....

...VMEPC, Van Meter Elementary Parent Committee, supports our students, teachers and communities.  

One big way is through the technology we bring to our library and classrooms. This year they have supported us with... and STEM materials we have purchased from our friends at Maker Maven such as Orboot AR Globes 3DuxDesign,  Ozobot and more. 

After this awesome technology started coming to school, I wanted to make something to each product to celebrate and thank our VMEPC. 
I went to StickerMule...
... and created super cute circle stickers. 

They make such a nice addition to everything and will be a....
...great reminder of the amazing support our VMEPC brings to us every year.  
If you are wanting to create stickers like this one, here is a StickerMule coupon that will give you a $10 credit.  

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