Thursday, April 15, 2021

Virtual WW1 Tours & Timelines With Our Merge EDU Headsets


Our 8th graders at Van Meter have been learning about World War I.  When their teacher, Lacie Corsaut, and I were collaborating and thinking of more resources to bring to them around WWI, we thought it would be fun to find a few virtual reality tours and timelines for our students to view and engage with. 

To bring these resources together in one spot, I created a choice board.  I included a video, two WWI virtual reality videos, and four amazing Google Arts and Cultures virtual tours from The National WWI Museum and Memorial

You will find the World War I Virtual Tours and Timelines Choice Board here.   If you would like to make edits, you can make a copy here

Our students really enjoyed viewing the virtual reality videos with our Merge EDU headsets. 
One of our students said, These make history come to life. 
And they all wondered where we would go next with virtual reality too. 
And the Merge Headsets here, friends. 

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