Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Celebrate School Library Month With A Special Card and Coupon For Your Teachers and Students!

For School Library Month in April, it is always fun to celebrate with our teachers, students and community by bringing fun and exciting activities and events to our library and school community.  This year, my library partners, Diana and Jessica, and I are cooking up some new ways to celebrate.  

This week, we are kicking it off with a special card and coupon for all of our teachers and students.  
I started out in Buncee and created a super cute card for all of the teachers.  I picked this ticket so I could turn it into a coupon for a virtual StickTogether Sticker Boards each teacher can use with their students as they celebrate School Library Month.  I put the code they can use to redeem their sticker board at the end of the coupon, along with their name. 
We are going to print the coupons and add them to a box of Starburst candy.  That will be fun to pass out to the teachers.  

The Buncee can also be sent out digitally as a card and opens up so cool in an email. 
If you haven't checked out the NEW virtual StickTogether Sticker Boards, you will find them here on their site.  I purchased 100 and they were .50 cents each.   Once you purchase them, StickTogether sends an email with the codes.  That is what I included at the end of the coupons...a different one for each teacher.
In the gallery, there are so many options.  I love the sticker boards they have for reading...
And what a wonderful way to celebrate reading, libraries and librarians for School Library Month.  

In Buncee, I created several different templates for the card and coupon that you are welcome to use for your own celebrations. 

We will be sharing lots of other ideas in the next few weeks as we celebrate at Van Meter.  We can't wait to hear how you are celebrating with your school community too, friends. 

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