Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Steps To Kick Off Follett Book eFairs At Your School!

There is a lot of excitement going around about a new way to do book orders! 
They are called the Follett Book eFairs, Classroom Book Orders, Reimagined.  

Follett has taken a fresh, new look at how to improve on the solution of book fairs that schools have been using for years.  They have re-imagined the whole classroom book ordering process, making it easier and simpler for teachers, and providing new and exciting improvements that will help to ensure that they can support reading/literacy in school and at home, and get schools, classrooms and libraries an additional source of funding.

You can read even more about Follett eFairs in this post I wrote on my blog
To kick off our year at Van Meter, we kicked it off by having a little Follett Book eFairs Party during the first week of school with all of our teachers who will be having eFairs.  
We gathered all of the teachers together and asked them to bring their laptops so they would have a way to sign up for the Follett Book eFairs.  I wanted to make sure I helped them walk through all of the steps of signing up and getting set to launch their eFair. 

You can do this at your school too with such a few quick steps.  Let me tell you how!  

The first thing we did was give everyone this ticket....
...which included the Follett Book eFairs details and had the URLhttps://k12.follett.com/efair-signup-teachers, to visit and sign up before we even started.  

By signing up, all of the teachers earned $25 in rewards credit just for running their first eFair.  
After they were signed up, I had them write their name on the ticket, tear off that part and add it to the fishbowl for the drawings.  We gave away lots of awesome books and little swag items during our event. 
Next, we had everyone go to efairs.follettbookfairs.com where they....
...clicked on the Teacher Login in the upper right hand corner....
 ...to sign up with their school email.
Once they added their email, eFairs prompted them to Tell us a little more about yourself.  This is where details such as grade level, number of students, and school address can be added.
After those details were entered, their main eFair pages popped up with names at the top of each. This will keep the information of their eFairs and point them to lots of important information.

It was now time to Create a New eFair by clicking on the book, circled in hot pink above.
There are 4 Steps that must be completed.  After each step, click on the Next button in the right hand corner.

1. Choose Dates
Something important to note...Follett recommends you end your eFair on a weekend to give parents time to purchase books.  Remember to share your class code with parents so they can access your eFair. 
 When the dates are entered, click Next. 
2. Recommend Books

One of the coolest things about Follett Book eFairs is the ability we have to Recommend Books that will be included in the book orders.
It is super simple to choose the recommended books by clicking on the + sign and searching for books in the search bar at the top.
 I picked Otis and the Puppy. When I clicked in the cover, it flipped over....
 ....to show details about the book such as author, publication year, Follett Interest Level and a description.

When you click on Recommend, it will be added to your Recommend row on the book order form.

You can also click on See Details, 
which brings you into a more detailed record and a place to write Your Recommendation. 

When I think of these recommendations, I think it would be awesome to focus around a theme being taught in class, a special event happening, favorite books of your students and so much more.  You can have a lot of fun with this part of the eFair order forms.
As students and families scroll through the book order, they will see Recommendations at top and lots of wonderful groups of books below such as.....
Remember, these will change according to the grade level you enter at the beginning too.
At the very bottom of the form, your students and families can also search the entire Follett Book eFair Catalog for even more books.
3. Share Your eFair.

There are a few ways to share your eFair. You can share the link provided, which will take them directly to your eFair so they can view and purchase books.
You can slo download flyers from the link.
And printed flyers can be sent if you choose the Send Me Printed Flyers box on this page.  It will take 5 business days to receive these in the mail.
All you have to do is add the Class Code and Due Date to the back of the order form.  

They can go to the URL listed or scan the QR code to get to the Follett Book eFair site. 
4. And the last step is Finish.  

Once you make sure everything is correct, you will click Done in the bottom right corner to get everything moving.
Now when you go to your Follett Book eFair Dashboard, you will see how many day left of your eFair at the top and....
 ...will locate all of the things you will need on the left hand side.
 You will find the Dashboard, 
 eFair Stats, 
 Browse Books, 
 and Settings from this menu.
And one of the MOST important and exciting parts....Shop Now, which you will find on your Dashboard.

I have circled the Shop Now button in hot pink.  When you click on that, it will take you to....
...the Follett Book eFair Store where you can search for books by grade and through the search bar.  
There is definitely something for everyone of your readers and every community, family and classroom here.  
It has been exciting since our little kick off celebration to see how our teachers are sharing eFairs with their students and families.  They can't wait to roll this new way to do book orders. 

And we know that you will love it too! 
As you get signed up for Follett Book eFairs at the links above, you can also earn a $5 bonus for up to 10 teachers that you sign up using this form

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