Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Label Your Library With DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains From Capstone!

Today I saw a tweet from my friend Andrea Brinkert that caught my attention.

It showed some of our favorite DC Super Heros on super fun Dewey category sign....created especially for our libraries!
 With these DC Super Hero posters, your students will definitely be able to find books in the library.
You can go to the link that Andrea shared here.

It will open up the Capstone website page for the DC Super Hero, and even Super-Villain, signs.
You can click on each poster to download the Dewey range PDF.
 There is one for each of the Dewey ranges our students find in school libraries.
The posters are amazing and will bring students to all of their favorite books.

They will also help them remember what subjects are in each Dewey category with the eye-grabbing graphics, bold numbers and words, and of course....the famous characters themselves.
Happy Back-to-School Friends.

I hope you use these DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains signs to bring lots of fun and power to your library this year too.

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