Sunday, July 10, 2016

Perfect For Dot Day Coming Soon...Cantata Learning's Story and Song Of The Week!

Circles all around us, Circles all around!  Circles all around us, Circles all around!  

A circle is the sun up in the sky as we play outside and it is the ball we kick up high.  

What a lovely story and song from Cantata Learning for our Song of the Week!  
And I can't think of a better song for learning about circles and celebrating International Dot Day coming up on September 15!  
Circle: A Cookie or the Sun in the Sky is a fun book that teaches our young learners about all of the circles around us through an engaging story and song.  

The song can be streamed from the Cantata Learning website or downloaded as a MP3 here
You can also listen to it from the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel

There are so many wonderful ways to use this...  
and all of the Shapes All Around Us set from Cantata in the library and classroom. 
And like I said....not only is Circle: A Cookie or the Sun in the Sky great for teaching children about circles and other two and three dimensional shapes, it will be perfect for using during our annual Dot Day Celebrations!  
There are lots of beautiful projects and lesson ideas for celebrating Dot Day and all of the circles found.  
You can go to The Dot Day website under Get Inspired for your own inspiration and ideas.  
Also, visit Pinterest for hundreds of ideas.  It is amazing how many dots and circles can be made!  
When my little friend Ella was painting circles today, she sang Circle: A Cookie or the Sun in the Sky.  
Ella is two so this is the perfect song for her to learn about circles and shapes.

Then her Mom played Emily Arrow and Peter Reynold's original song The Dot Song too.  You will love both!

Using music, dance, art and movement is one of the best ways to teach and reinforce new and growing concepts to our little ones.

Don't forget to check out all four of the shape songs and stories from Cantata Learning. 
Also, there is a new lesson plan for this book too.  You can find it here on the Cantata Learning blog.
This is a meaningful lesson for students when teaching geometric shapes, patterns and other skills.
It included Technology, Language Arts and Music and Art Extensions, which includes Dot Day.

Have fun this week finding circles all around you too!

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