Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Test Drive With Google Cardboard Through Amazing Virtual Reality Experiences....What A Trip!

Hagan and I ordered several pairs of Google Cardboard from Amazon a few weeks ago.  We have been hearing about them and really wanted to give them on a test drive ourselves through amazing VR (virtual reality) experiences.  
Then last week when our friend Joyce wrote My First Cardboard Experience, we really couldn't wait to try ours out too.  
We watched a little video on how to put the two Google Cardboards together that we had with us at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
There are lots of little spaces to punch out first....make sure they are all out before you start the folding.
With the tiny lenses in the holes for your eyes, the Google Cardboard came to life with each fold we made.
You will need to make sure you keep every piece within the will use one rubber band, a tiny piece of cardboard for the nose piece, the magnets, and pieces of velcro.
Before we knew it.....Our Google Cardboard was ready to go!

We just needed to download the Google Cardboard app onto my iPhone 6.  It is a free app....and one of many that can be used with Cardboard.
Hagan opened up the Google Cardboard app, slide my iPhone 6 into the top, and put it up to his eyes.
He couldn't believe the trip that his Google Cardboard took him on.
 Hagan picked Urban Hike from a small menu within the Google Cardboard app.
As he looked through the holes through the lenses, he was transported into the city streets of Venice and peering up at the Eiffel Tower a few minutes later.  He walked all over the kitchen....even reaching out to pick up various objects he felt like he could touch.
Next it was Hagan's cousin Cooper's turn.....He loved the trip he took too.
As we watched little Zoey travel places, she reached out with her hands to touch things and wandered through the streets of different places as she walked around Grandpa and Grandma's house.
And Grayce went lots of places.  
But her favorite thing about the Google Cardboard app was the kaleidoscope. 

You just have to try out Google Cardboard too!  They have created an affordable virtual reality experience that is fun and affordable for everyone. 
To start, go to the Google Cardboard website.
You can read all about Google Cardboard and find lots of places to find a viewer to order for yourself.
There are many fun designs for you to order...something for everyone and for various budgets and needs.  You can find them here.
And think about making your Google Cardboard all yours...personalizing it with various crafting and art materials and trinkets.
I love how they have also included the plans to Build Google Cardboard Yourself.  They can be downloaded right from the website and created using everyone items around the house and in a hardware store.
Once you have your Google Cardboard, there are several places to look for apps.
Hagan and I found several in the iTunes Store and within Google Play that we want to try out.  

It was definitely a wonderful afternoon and one of the best trips we took within a new this case, virtual reality.  We can't wait to hear where you go and what you experience too. 


  1. Shannon,

    I've only read your post and Joyce's about Cardboard so I'm not that familiar with it. Can anyone create apps that would work with it? Otherwise, it sounds like the old 3D viewers we had as kids. I'm hoping there's a component that will let kids create their own virtual reality trips!

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