Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just Look At What TackkEDU Has To Offer.....Beautiful Creations, A New Conversation & Wonderful Group of TackkEDU Advocates

One of my favorite digital tools to use is TackkEdu!  I love watching how it turns all students and teachers into content creators tying all types of media into beautiful creations.  
There are not only several reasons why Tackk works in the classroom....
Just look at all of the ways to use Tackk in the classroom.  And this is just a start.
As one gets started with Tackk, they can choose from a variety of templates within TackkEDU or start with a blank slate too. 
I created a Tackk this year to celebrate Poetry Month.  It was great fun pulling together all types of poetry materials into one place.  You can scroll through the Poetry Month Tackk above. 
With all my love for Tackk and way we can use it throughout education, I am proud of share that I can now a TackkEDU Advocate.
I am joining a group of rockstar educators who make up the TackkEDU Advocate Team.  It is a great place to go if you have questions, need to get ideas, or want to connect to lots of examples to share with your students.
There are educators in all different fields from administrators, classroom teachers, librarians, technology integration specialists and others.  You can check out the profiles and connect with us. 

I just know you will enjoy sharing and learning with all of us. 
Also, we would love to get all of your involved in a new conversation with TackkEDU.

In the TackkEDU Stream.  You can click here to go to the conversation and then read within the Tackk how to post and respond to comments yourself.
By following the conversation, you will connect to a wonderful place to stay connected throughout the summer and into the new school year.

I hope you all join us.  And start creating and empowering your students to create with Tackk too.

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