Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Look How Shae Is Using BiblioNasium With The "Kids Create Kat McGee" Writing Contest

Calling all kid authors!  Calling all kid authors!  

It is time for the Kat McGee Writing Contest from In This Together Media, Edmodo, BiblioNasium and School Library Journal!  You can read more about it here. 

One ten-year-old in Iowa heard this call loud and clear as she set off to read all of the Kat McGee books by Kristin Riddick as soon as she heard about the contest.  

After she read them, Shae wanted to spread the word and encourage others to read them too.  Her and I are starting a book review blog called Shae and Shannon's Rocking Review Corner but she wanted a platform to use right now.  

Then we thought....She could use BiblioNasium to create a challenge for herself and to also review the books for others to get hooked on Kat too. 
Within BiblioNasium, students, teachers and parents can set up Challenges.  Shae created one called Kids Create Kat McGee. 
When a Challenge is set up and you want a book to count towards that Challenge, you will need to Log it in the My Reading Log section.
Shae logged each of the Kat McGee books she read and then afterwards she was able to count them in the Kids Create Kat McGee Challenge.
As Shae read the books, she also wrote a Review for each.  When you are in My Books, scroll over the book cover and it will give you the choice to "Edit, Review, Recommend & More" for each book.
Once you write the review, it is easy to Edit by clicking on the My Reviews tab at the top.
I just loved reading Shae's reviews for the three Kat McGee books.
You can read and share them too by going to each title and looking at the reviews. Shae's are posted there just in time for the contest to share with other young readers. 

We are going to announce the contest rules this week. We can't wait to share tips and details with all of the teacher librarians, teachers, and especially the children who will be taking part in the writing contest.  

For now....put the Kat McGee books into little hands and get them all set to go with BiblioNasium.  

It will be great fun for them to log their reading and write reviews of Kat's adventures too. 

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