Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Check Out The #SkypeAtoZ Back-to-School Lesson Collection From Skype in the Classroom

One of my favorite go-to-places for connecting students and teachers is Skype In The Classroom.
It is filled with amazing resources and connections that matches you and your school community with other teachers and classrooms, along with rich lessons to use.
I also love #MysterySkype that you can find on Skype in the Classroom. In a Mystery Skype, your students can embark on a global guessing game with others around the world.
With Back-to-School, Skype In The Classroom has put together something really awesome for this time of year!

It is a collection of their favorite Skype Partner lesson from their #SkypeAtoZ series on Twitter.  With the #SkypeAtoZ Back-to-School Lesson Collection you can find "ideas, inspiration and tips for planning Skype activities for the new school year."
I looked through several of the #SkypeAtoZ lessons.  There is something for everyone.

Check this one out under "F" called Flying with the Flying Classroom. How fun would that be to have your students join scientists and explores in action around the globe?
For more ideas and connections throughout the year, follow @SkypeClassroom on Twitter...and share your experiences and ideas.
 Also, use the #SkypeAtoZ hashtag to share your own Skype lessons and connections.
This is a great conversation on Twitter....So many fun ideas to bring back to your classroom and libraries too.

Thank you Skype in the Classroom for bringing global connection, opportunities and fun to our young people.  This is making a difference!

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