Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Was All That Singing About Coming From The Library & PebbleGo Today?

If anyone walked by the library today when the kindergarteners were here they probably thought they were at a baseball game.  

From the walls of the library were beautiful little voices singing The Star-Spangled Banner at the top of their lungs.  Oh.....and there was a tiny bit of dancing and even some acting to accompany this song. 

They love learning anything about our country so it was exciting for them to find the Star-Spangled Banner during their exploration.  
And just as they found the video of someone singing, almost twenty little voices starting singing coming in at different times, volumes, pitches, and speeds.  

It was totally spontaneous, crazy, and one of the cutest moments in the library with them this year.

That was just the start to their exploration in PebbleGo Social Studies.  They found several other articles they were excited about too.  

Just as this tiny friend wanted me to capture with Vine before they left....

They learned about The Pledge of Allegiance and so much more.

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  1. What cracked me up when reading this is that exact thing happened in my library on Monday!!! The kids all started singing The Star Spangled Banner around the library. When we went to investigate, it was because of them exploring Pebble Go Social Studies in Library Centers. :)