Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Empower Your Students with

This past year, the American Association of School Librarians released the 2013 list of BestWebsites for Teaching and Learning.  
Among the list is a website that encourages students to read and write through a unique online book review program which offers free, newly released books for students to review....

Recently, one of LitPick’s founders visited with us via Skype and explained the program to our creative writing class and their teacher Renee Martin's.

Initially before his presentation, we watched the following video for a brief introduction to LitPick.

LitPick’s mission is to help preteens and teens develop a lifelong love of reading by empowering young readers to share their opinions in a social community.

Here is how LitPick works:

Students can enroll as LitPick book reviewers either individually or as part of a student group sponsored by a librarian, teacher, or other educator.  Signing up groups of students as LitPick reviewers is a great way to create and manage book clubs too.

You can find the Group signup form online.
Once students complete an online application and are approved by LitPick as student book reviewers, they can login and select a book to review.  

The books are primarily new and advance copies of preteen and teen books submitted by a wide variety of authors and publishers.  Each student reviewer must have an adult sponsor who will help them choose an age-appropriate book for them to review, as well as assist them with writing their reviews.

After login, students can choose a book to review from a long list of available titles.  EBooks are free to review.  For a nominal administrative fee to cover handling and postage, print books are also available for review.
A student reviews their book in 4 – 6 weeks and then logs back into LitPick where he or she submits the review online.
Submitted reviews are then evaluated by either adult underwriters or the student’s group sponsor.  These adults provide valuable feedback to the students about their writing and decide if a review is to be accepted or returned to the student for editing.  

The LitPick Sponsor Educator Interface is a great way for group sponsors to manage and give feedback to their students.
After a review is approved, it is posted on LitPick for the world to see!
The LitPick book review program is a fun way to encourage students to read and write using eBooks and the Internet.
Students also earn points and badges for writing book reviews, posting forum comments, providing correct answers in LitPick’s vocabulary quiz, and for writing quality book reviews.
LitPick is fun for students!  
They feel empowered by the LitPick book review process and seeing their reviews online for others to reference. And since these reviews are often among the first comments on an author or publisher’s new title, the review may also appear on the book’s website or even be printed on the book cover!  How cool is that?!
To learn more about how works go to the website.  

You won’t be disappointed if you get your students involved in this great site. 

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