Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Poster Template To Include With Our Traveling Mural....And Our Global Book Is Ready For Us Too!

As we work on our Traveling Murals, we wanted to give everyone a couple resources to use when you get your mural complete and ready to send off to the others in your group.  

First, the slide above is what you can fill out and print off to send with each of the 9 envelopes you send to the others in your Traveling Mural Group. 

You can make a copy of this slide here.   Just add a picture of two of your Traveling Mural before you cut it into pieces and of your group with the mural; your group, school and location; and a little about your traveling mural.  
This is something that several of us did last year and it was so neat to see the information sheets as we hung them up in our schools. 
Second, here is the 2019 Global Traveling Mural Project Book that we can all add to as we wrap up the murals and project over the next couple of months. 
Within this book (Google Slides presentation), there are directions, 
 and a place for every Group to add... and information about their communities mural and group. 

This is such a special way to connect, share and document our global project. 

You will find the Global Traveling Mural Project book (Google Slide presentation) here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything.  We are always happy to help, friends. 

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