Saturday, September 7, 2019

Let's Learn & Practice Keyboarding This Year....Kicking It Off At Van Meter!

Keyboarding is an important skill we want to support and encourage with all of our students.  

We start this work with our youngest students through very simple sites of moving objects by using the keypad and keyboard.  As our students move up through grade levels, they will be using and other programs and sites that instill and strengthen their keyboarding skills. 

We also know how important it is for students to practice their keyboarding at home so share a Symbaloo with families to use throughout the year too. 
You will find a link to our Keyboarding Symbaloo here.  Please feel free to use or make a copy for your school community.  
We all put together a Keyboarding Smore each year that you will find here.  This is a great way to share important information about keyboarding and lots of resources with our students, teachers and families. 

And let me know what we need to add.  We are always making changes and updates to make sure we have the best resources available for our kids. 

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