Monday, February 25, 2019

Creating An Augmented Reality Story Using CoSpaces, a MERGE Cube and Buncee!

Today, I was thinking about a new project we have been working on with our 2nd graders at Van Meter focused on storytelling.  
They have been creating stickers and backgrounds for Buncee with our amazing friends and designers at Buncee.  On Friday, they wrote and illustrated digital stories with their special creations too.  

As I sat there writing and thinking about next steps, I looked over at my MERGE headset and cube sitting there.  

Then I thought, 

How could we bring these two resources together?  How could we bring our Buncee's into CoSpaces using the MERGE cubes and bring our students creations to life with these awesome augmented reality tools? 
I grabbed my laptop and started playing around with some ideas. 

If you use the Square size in Buncee, you will be able to create backgrounds to add to a MERGE Cube using CoSpacesEDU.
You would need to create 6 square slides in Buncee, download them and upload them into CoSpaces to add to the MERGE Cube sides. 

You can get to this Buncee above here, where you can make a copy for yourself. 
I tried it out for myself by using one of the backgrounds and stickers our 2nd graders created.  I even added a Molly Dolls sticker of me! 
When I finished, I downloaded the slide. 
I took this image and....
...uploaded it into CoSpaces. 
I added this image to one of the sides of the MERGE Cube and locked it into place.
I added a unicorn and added an animation of it eating.
I then started my story by adding text. 

Even though I have 5 sides left to finish my story, I wanted to give it a try with CoSpaces.  I opened up the CoSpaces app and scanned the MERGE Cube so I could view it on there. 
It was so cool!  My Buncee page and story had come to life.  

This is just a start! 

I am going to have my 4th grade friends, who are really great at CoSpaces, help me with a few things today.  I can't wait to learn more from them so I can make my Buncee story even more awesome using CoSpaces and MERGE too. 

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