Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Giving Our Students The Opportunity To Share At The School Board Meeting

Today, Jessica and I had one of the best times presenting with these five students of ours at....  
...the monthly board meeting at Van Meter Community School.  

We were asked to come and share all of the wonderful things happening in our library program and throughout the school this year.  

And of course we couldn't share our story without the help of our students so we asked....
....Isabella, Johanna and Morgan, from Kate Lamoureux's 4th grade to talk about their recent CoSpaces and Merge Cube Global Gingerbread STEM and PBL projects and... 
....Ben and Adam from Katie Flaw's 5th grade to show the games they have created using Bloxels, along with several other connections and projects Jessica and I showcased in our slides. 
They were so excited and happy that they were asked to share their stories and projects. 
When we give our students these opportunities, it not only gives our community a chance to see all of the special experiences and opportunities are young people are having, it gives them a chance to share their talents, passions and most of all, their voice.  

We can't wait to share with our community again. 

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