Saturday, September 29, 2018

Digital Citizenship Word Clouds From Van Meter!

As we wrapped our first week of talking about and putting our digital citizenship skills into play,
our elementary students brainstormed words that described what they knew about digital citizenship and leadership to create word clouds.
Not only would they learn about word clouds and different digital tools to create them,
this project would give our students an authentic way to practice keyboarding by typing the words...
...and coming up with words of their own to include in the word clouds.

Let's look at how we did this with our little ones! 

For this project, we used...., Word Clouds! 
After we discussed digital citizenship and brainstormed words that described us as digital citizens, we passed out the sheets with words and phrases which would help guide them in this project. 
We would be using the Word Cloud site, so we added it to our kindergarten through third grade Symbaloo.  This is what we do with all of the resources that we use.  They can always get to these sites and resources easily
Once they clicked on Word Cloud, they typed in words that described digital them and those they learned too.
After the words were all typed in, they click on CREATE and it gave them several options... make their word cloud unique and special. 
They can select several color combinations, 
fonts, word limit, 
and can even randomize the words, fonts and layout.
It is easy for them to save their word clouds by clicking on Menu.  This also gives them the option to Edit, Print and create a New word cloud too. 
It was so much fun listening to the conversations, 
taking in the creating, and...
...seeing the creating that was happening from our youngest digital citizens. 
 They were all so proud of the voice they had in this project and we all loved seeing....
 ...all of the word clouds they created.
Every one was special....
 ...and unique.

Just like each one of our students and the voice they have as digital citizens too. 

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