Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Power of School Librarians!

We know that school librarians increase student achievement.  In fact, years of research show that librarians make a measurable difference for our students.

This needs to be part of the important and essential conversations that we need to have as school librarians, teachers, administrators, parents and others interested and invested in the future of our children.
 In the Advocate's Toolbox from School Library Journal and Capstone, you can now find....
the amazing School Librarians Make a Difference infographic that our friends at Capstone have created for all of us to use as an advocacy and conversation piece.
If you head to The Advocate's Toolbox, you can download the infographic here.

I really love how they have laid the infographic out into 8 pages, because it will give us a chance to use pieces of this information in creative and helpful ways throughout the year.

In fact, the Power of School Librarians infographic and this information can be used in so many ways.  Here are a few mentioned on the page....

  • Include in discussions with your principal and other administrators.
  • Post throughout your library on parents night
  • Use to create a library fact-of-the-month display
  • Share with your fellow teachers
  • Add to your newsletters and website
And don't forget to share this information with your students.  Their voice and advocacy can be some of the best we have as librarians too.  
We want each and every one of our students, teachers, families and community members to definitely know the power of school librarians! 

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