Thursday, December 28, 2017

3 Student Picked Best Book Lists From 2017!

There is nothing better than hearing what our students love to read.  That was the top priority for me when selecting and recommending books to my readers in the library.  

We did book talks at lunch time, had a giant chalk board to write down book recommendations, displayed books and student recommendations inside the library and around the school, used Flipgrid to virtually share the books we loved with each other and so much more. 

Well, I have three awesome student picked book lists for 2017 to share with you today!  
They are the Follett Students' Choice for 2017.  
As shared today on Follett Learning's Facebook, the Students' Choice Lists are the ones that are most circulated in school libraries so we can see exactly what our students around the world are reading.  

As they shared, 

Follett Students' Choice is the only list that tells you what students are really ready.  It is the only list that is compiled from circulation statistics that come straight from school libraries through information continuously updated and gathered from Destiny Library Manager.  
I even added the three levels of Follett Students' Choice to the Notable Books of 2017 Collection

You will find...

Student Choice Middle School,

and Student Choice High School, which are filled with all of these books picked by our young people. 
You will find the three lists in the 2017 Notable Books Collection here.  
As you can see, there are lots of other fantastic books and lists from 2017 in this special Collection too!  

The Follett Students' Choice are a great way for your to determine how to build, maintain and grow your collections with materials that students want to read.  

Check them out today and share them with your students too. 

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