Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Listen To My 2nd Grade Friends Share Their Community.....And Look How You Can Get Ready With All Of These Books, Songs and Resources Too!

As we get ready to kick off the Give A Shout Out To Your Community Harmony Project with Cantata Learning, I have been talking to lots of my friends about their communities.

I love what the 2nd graders in Tracy Ferguson's classroom had to share with me today!
I cannot wait to see all of the community stories that will be sang, read, performed, created and written during this project.

And we can't wait to see what you and your students have to share from your community too!
As you all get ready to give a shout out to your communities starting on September 19 , I have been pulling books and resources to share with all of the libraries and classrooms around the world.

Here are a few of the songs and books from Cantata Learning and others that will be perfect as we look at our communities and jobs we have within our communities too.
I love the People Who Help series which includes four books....

People Who Help In My Neighborhood, People Who Help Keep Me Healthy, People Who Help Animals and of course....  People Who Help At School, which is a wonderful tie in for the project.
You can find all of the books and songs on the Cantata Learning site.....Here is one to try!
Next up we have Farmers, Firefighters and Teachers....They Are Nouns!  This is one of the brand new Fall 2016 titles by Linda Ayers.  
This one is perfect as we also kick off our People In Your Community Meet and Greets starting on September 21!  

These will be YouTube Live events with special people in our communities and events that all of you can watch.   We have a chef, author, musician, and others. 
In fact, on October 24 my friend and Seattle teacher librarian Craig Seasholes will be connecting with my brother Ryan McClintock who is a farmer in Iowa.  

Today I shared Farmers, Firefighters and Teachers....They Are Nouns with Ryan and I cannot wait to share it with Craig and his students too! 
You can find the song and information about this title here
We can also share Oats and Beans and Barley Grow from Cantata Learning as we talk about what Ryan and other farmers grow too.
There is another new series from Cantata that will be a terrific tie-in to this project and also the focus on STEM (STEAM) careers and our Makers.
This series is called My First Science Songs: STEM by Katie and Blake Hoena.

You can find all four of the titles here including Math Saves the Day, Technology is All Around You, Let's Use The Scientific Method and...
Engineers Solve Problems, which is one that I can't wait to tie into this project.
You just have to listen to the cute little song all about engineers and problem solving!
And Andrea Beaty's three amazing titles Iggy Peck Architect; Ada Twist, Scientist; and Rosie Revere Engineer will be perfect too!
Capstone has a brand new series called Science and Engineering Practices, part of the PebblePlus imprint, which is geared towards our youngest learners.
Your students will love researching engineering in the Science and Engineering Methods articles within the PebbleGo Science too.
This project is also a great way to talk about our students role in the school community in places like our school library, classroom and other places.  
To make sure we have school communities that are the best they can be, the new Cantata Learning series School Time Songs by Jonathan Peale helps students practice getting along with others and making friends as they read and sing along.  
These six titles show how cooperating with others make it easier to get things done we have to everyday while at school.  
You can listen to how much fun this book and the others in this series would bring to your students in this YouTube video of Let's Cooperate, which is part of the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel.  
Capstone also has a new series called It's Back To School....Way Back! These four book are about going to school at different times in American History.  
For example, what would it be like to "Get the wiggles out" in Colonial America times.
You will find this series here on the Capstone site.

For the Harmony Project, it will be awesome to see how your students and school cooperate too!
Me, My Friends, My Community-Songs About Emotions from Cantata Learning is new for this fall too!

As you sing and read along, learn about emotions that will help in communities.
There are four titles in this series by Jenna Laffin including The Scared Elephant, The Sad Squirrel, The Happy Moose, and The Mad Monkey.  You can find them here.
The Know Your Emotions series from Capstone would be another nice fit with it's books Happy Is..., Angry Is..., and Scared Is. 
One more new series from Capstone that fits perfect into this area are the Worry Warriors by Marne Ventura.  

"Don't worry! Be happy!" That's the slogan of the worry warriors club.  They're a gang of four, two boys and two girls, who, like knights and princesses in shining armor, tell each other their worries so they can fight against them.  They don't make fun of each other, they create coping strategies.  And they have a lot of fun.  
For the Give A Shout Out To Your Community, you and your students could share the slogan for your classroom and library too.
The four books that make up the Sing-Along Songs -Action series are a high-energy addition to your library and classroom communities in getting students up and moving.  
Nicholas Ian wrote Clap Your Hands, Grand Old Duke of York, Hokey Hokey and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear to be part of this one.  
One of my favorites from this series is The Grand Old Duke of York which is illustrated by one of my other favorites Luke Flowers.
Your students will love marching along to this song, just like they do in the book.
You can here too!
For a variety of jobs found in our communities, send your students to PebbleGo Social Studies for the Jobs in the Community articles.
Each article or job will include several different topics, videos, photographs and the ability for text-to-speech too.
They also include Activities found in the bottom tool bar shown above.
This Activity for Share What You Know within the PebbleGo Farmer article would be the perfect thing for your students to use as they learn about farmers with Ryan during the People In Your Community Meet and Greet coming up in October.

They can draw a picture of Ryan or another farmer, write facts about farmers and state why they are important.

There is one of these Activity Sheets available with every Jobs In The Community article within PebbleGo.  
On September 19 we will be kicking off Give A Shout Out To Your Community.  

These resources and others will help you prepare and get your community ready to participate and share their story too.

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