Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just Look What You Can Create With StoryBoard That....The World's Best Online Storyboard Creator

It's Saturday and one of my favorite things to do on these weekend days is to try out and share new digital tools.  And do I have an awesome one for you today!

It is called Storyboard That and is known as The World's Best Online Storyboard Creator for our students, educators and others.
Storyboard That is easy to use, yet provides so many choices and tools for users to be as creative as they can possibly be.
Within the simple and fun interface, users can drag and drop content to customize numerous aspects of the storyboard including Scenes, Characters, Textables, Shapes, and Web & Technology.
Once you click on the Create a Storyboard button you can choose....
to customize your storyboard.
To start, pull different Scenes or backgrounds into the boxes of the storyboard.  You can choose from 225 different places and settings.
 Storyboard That also allows you to upload your own images to use with your creations.
Next, you can add your Characters.....and WOW there are a lot of ways to completely personalize the characters within your storyboard.  There are 325 characters to choose from.
I love how you can also change everything about your characters including hair, eyes, skin, size, costumes...
and even the pose ranging from speaking, angry, walking, sitting, and sad.  Within the Character Poser you can select even more.....what fun this is!
 You can add words to your storyboard through a variety of Texables or speech bubbles.
It is fun to add words and position them within the storyboard.  You can change the color, size and type of font.
There are loads of Shapes....
and Web & Technology to add to your creations.
There are also over 45,000 images using Search in the top bar if you can't find what you need in the other sections.
After you complete your storyboard...
Save and Exit it at the fact, it is a great idea to Save as you are creating.

Storyboard That gives you several options at the bottom of your storyboard.
You can Print the storyboard, turn it into a Template, that can be shared with a group,....
create a Slide Show....
Download Images or Download Powerpoint, which would be perfect for using your storyboard frames with other digital tools such as FlipSnack or BunceeEdu....
or Make a Folding Card choosing from different holiday themes.
Not only can you be as creative as you want within StoryBoard, it also contains a wealth of resources such as Educational Articles which showcase different uses for Storyboards in your classroom and how they relate to the Common Core; Workshops and Webinars; and one of my favorite parts...
amazing Teacher Guides that are Common Core aligned for grades K-12 in every subject.
As you can see Storyboard That is one digital tool that everyone could find a way to use within the library, classroom, and school community.

In my next post about Storyboard That, I will dig a little deeper into the Teacher Guides and how to set up your students and classes.

But today I will leave you with a wonderful video for Getting Started With Storyboard That....

I just know your students will love it as much as mine.  


  1. I just made one for fun!!! I am going to use it this week with my 6th graders! HOW FUN!!!

    1. Yay! So happy you love it friend. :) PLease share what your kids make with it. I'd love to see.