Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Leading Change With ISLMA In Illinois Last Week!

Last week I had the wonderful honor of being part of the Illinois School Library Media Association Annual Conference in Tinley Park.  What an amazing group of educators and new friends!   
ISLMA included a variety of amazing concurrent sessions, events, and even a Makerspace at their three day conference. 
The first night we went to the dinner that featured the creators of the Unshelved comic series.  They were very entertaining and had lots of funny library stories to share.  
The centerpieces on the tables were beautifully created from old books....We just loved that touch.  
 After the dinner, we headed to the Makerspace area to try out all of the fun things they had set up.  Eric played a little music with the banana Makey Makey keyboard.
 I loved seeing the 3D printer that they had set up and all of the fun things that were printing.
I hadn't seen the Robo 3D printers before so that was great being able to check them out. 
The next morning I loved seeing tons of awesome Makerspace books Kori Kubitz featured in the Capstone Library booth!

I couldn't help but think how much any young person would love to have these books in their library and Makerspace.
At lunch we were so happy to watch one of my favorite children's authors Laura Murray win an award for her book The Gingerbread Man Loose In the School.  The illustrator Mike Lowry was also there to accept his award.
You can read more about Laura and check out the adorable little Gingerbread Man on her website. And more about Mike on his.

I presented throughout the day and wanted to share them.
At the end of the day, I did the closing keynote called Be The Change.  
My two concurrent sessions were 10 Digital Tools (and a few extra) and Projects For Your Library & Classroom....
How To Be A Connected School Leader.  I had so much fun speaking and learning with everyone.  
Thank you to everyone at ISLMA..... You are definitely leading change in our profession and within education!  


  1. Shannon, thanks for continuing to be such a strong voice for TL's and for sharing your work!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Shannon! I always learn from you and am grateful that you share so beautifully. You continue to inspire me with your vision and passion!