Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jeopardy ROCKS! And Your Students Will Think This Online Game Does Too!

I am always on the look out for fun new games to create and play online with students.  I was so excited to find this one last week.

Jeopardy Rocks! is one of my new favorites and kids will love this one!

And it is so much fun to create your Jeopardy Rocks! game.  I have included a few easy steps below.
To get started you are asked to customize the url...This will be helpful to students and teachers. And for the one who creates the game also.  It will then be easy to get back to the game if you want to use it again.
You are given the game board and fill it in with the title and headings for each category.
You add the questions by clicking on each place on the board.  All you need is the question and answer for each.
You must complete each place on the board before your game is done and ready to be played.

Once you have completed the board, you will receive this message and an email message with the link to your game.
 To start playing, you first must select how many teams there will be...
and the team captains.  It is funny how you pick from vegetables....I would like to know more about that.  :)
To begin the game, it will give the players a few quick directions.  I love that they have included this part, because it will be super helpful to teachers and students playing for the first time.
The players take turns just like in the real Jeopardy game.  The points are added up and saved by the game....One just needs to click on the green checkmark or red x to share the results of each question and answer.
I love how the questions look as they pop up on the screen.  Kids will think this is fun...and the funny characters make it even better.

Jeopardy ROCKS! can be used throughout the curriculum with all different grade levels.  How about practicing vocabulary from a reading book; learning scientific terms; or getting to know all of the in's and out's of the library.

The possibilities are endless.  I can't wait to hear how all of you find ways to use it too.


  1. Hey Shannon. This looks great. Is this a free game or one you need to pay to play. I'm sure my niece will love it...although I might be asking more for me than her. Oh and I looked at your profile. I'm in awe of all the blogs you run.