Thursday, June 5, 2014

"In This Together Media" Is Making A Difference With Their Young Adult Books About Real Teens

Last week I had one of the best times with my dear new friends Saira, Rebekah, and Sand.
I am lucky enough to have met them through my connection with Saira and her business partner Carey when they asked me to be part of the educational advisory board for their publishing company In This Together Media
Shortly after connecting with Saira and Carey, we also joined together with the third graders and young people all over the world to form "Banding Together", which is making a difference in orphanages and children's lives in India and other places.
You can read all about "Banding Together" and learn how to get involved on our Smore that we created.  Please reach out to me at @shannonmmiller on Twitter or if you are interested in joining us in making a difference in the world too.  We would love to have you be part of "Banding Together".

Not only do I think Saira and Carey, and the authors of the books they have published, like my friend Rebekah Crane, are amazing for what they have created with In This Together Media, the magazine Fast Company released a wonderful article this week shouting their praises too!
In the article The Stars Of These Young Adult Books Swear, Struggle, and Generally Act Like Real Teens, Fast Company has captured the essence and importance of the young adult books they publish such as Aspen by Rebekah.
As Carey states,

"The mom is a flawed character--she had Aspen under a tree at a Widespread Panic concert at 16," says Carey Albertine, cofounder of the book's Denver-based publisher In This Together Media. "There's a parade of men through the house, and she smokes pot, which is not great--Aspen will mention that her mom hasn't gotten off the couch for a while. But their relationship is also funny and warm, and for all her flaws you also see how loving and nurturing she is to Aspen."

I know you will love reading this article to find out what the books being published by In This Together Media hold for all of our young people and us.  

Thank you Saira and Carey for bringing us such beautiful stories and for making a difference in the world with the books you are publishing.  

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