Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reading Aloud Together Over Skype and Through Edmodo

The 5th graders have been participating in the Global Read Aloud project over the last three weeks with our friends, Steve Gagnon and his awesome 5th graders, in New Hampshire. 
Our two amazing 5th grade teachers, Kate Goodwin and Aubrey Stafford, have done a wonderful job incorporating this book and Global Read Aloud into their classrooms.  This is the first year we have participated in GRA and I just love what it has brought to our students and school.
Last week Steve had the idea for me to read a chapter to both classes over Skype.  I loved the idea...especially since they were going to use their Edmodo Van Meter Stratham Group for a back channel while I was reading.  This was a new experience for us. 
On Wednesday, all of our 5th graders, Kate, and Aubrey came together in the library.  Our 5th graders logged into their Global Read Aloud Small Group in Edmodo on their iPads. 
 Steve's students used their Chrome Books.  
I had such a great time reading chapter 15......and then chapter 16.  
I have never seen a group of students so engaged in not only listening to a book, but also in the discussion that was happening online.  They didn't want to stop.
The discussion that took place within Edmodo really showed how the relationship between these two classes is growing too.  I can't wait to see where we go with them this year. 

And next week, they have invited me back to read again.  I am so looking forward to it.  

We all need to take a look at how our students are engaged in reading, listening, and writing.  Bringing experiences like this to our young people truly brings excitement, engagement, and real life connections. 

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