Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's A MackinVIA eBook Reader App For That....and that, and that, and that!

I always love it when School Library Journal comes in the mail. 

Today I was extra excited to open it up and find this new advertisement from Mackin Educational Resources for the MackinVIA Reader App.  

As it says...There's an app for that....and that, and that, and that!  
To learn more about the MackinVIA Reader App you can go to the bottom of the Mackin website.
This will take you to the MackinVIA page and all of the information you will need to get started with the reader app on any device that you might have. 
It is exciting to see the MackinVIA Reader App is available for so many different mobile phones & devices, tablets and desktop platforms.  This makes it very easy for anyone to access the eBooks, databases and other digital resources we have within our MackinVIA.
On this page there is also a wonderful instructional video for the MackinVIA Reader App which is a great introduction for students, teachers and parents.  This is something I have shared with my school community and everyone really appreciates being able to learn and review what they need to know about using the MackinVIA Reader App.

Tomorrow we are going on vacation so Hagan made sure we had the MackinVIA Reader App loaded onto our Nook and iPads....I love having it on my iPhone too.

Last year during our Back-to-School Night we hosted a "MackinVIA Workshop" in the library for students and parents.  It was so much fun showing them how to access our digital library at home or anywhere they would like.

This year it will be fun to feature all of the different ways they can read the digital resources too.
And one of the things I love best of all....

A few more ways to read this summer.  We always love that.  


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  2. Love your back to school night workshop idea! Please go with the "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery" vibe on this....